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Pacific Coho Salmon – Wild, Fresh & Delicious

September 9, 2011

This is Part II of our Global Spotlight on Alaska. If you’re just joining us, read Part I: Sustainable Salmon from Alaska to You.

Among Pacific salmon, the Coho salmon is a particularly fine fish. This fish is rich in flavor, color and texture and is very well-suited to canning.

The salmon we use

The fourth most plentiful Pacific-dwelling salmon, Coho populations are found off the coasts of both North America and Asia, although the two tend to stay separate.

Unlike their southern cousins in the Pacific Northwest, most Alaskan salmon populations are thriving. A variety of circumstances, including favorable ocean conditions, healthy river habitats, and improved management have contributed to robust populations.

Our Smoked Alaskan Coho Salmon are caught using large fishing boats equipped with a purse seine net. Once on the boat, they are kept in cold seawater (fresh water for no-salt-added products) for transport to the cannery. This provides optimum freshness, flavor and texture.

Did you know?

  • Coho salmon can age to seven years old
  • Like all Pacific salmon, Coho salmon die after spawning
  • Salmon is delicious!

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