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Favorite Holiday Recipes

December 14, 2011

The holidays are a time when you usually enjoy the company of family and friends, host parties, share gifts, and enjoy great meals.  Contribute a little something special this year to your holiday meals with a Crown Prince Seafood recipe.  Whether it’s a quick tuna salad for a family lunch or a hearty clam chowder to impress your visiting guests, we’ve got the perfect recipes for you!

Bayside Farmers Bread: Smoked oysters, corn bread, zucchini and onion contribute to the wonderful flavor of this tasty farmer’s bread.  It’s simple to make, and the tasty flavor is sure to be not only a favorite dish but a topic of conversation at the dinner table.

Curried Cashew, Apple & Tuna Salad: Here’s a salad your guests will never forget!  Made with golden cashews, apples and albacore tuna, this can either be served as a salad, pita pocket stuffing, or a sandwich filling.

Fabulous Fish Spread: For the seafood lovers in your holiday guest list, this delicious fish special is created with the best of ingredients: kipper snacks, flat anchovies, olives, soy sauce and a flavorful drop of hot sauce.

New England Clam Chowder: Cooked clams seasoned with a dash of salt and pepper will add satiety to your Christmas dinners.  It’s easier than you think, too: just fry, add ingredients, and cook.  Delight your guests with this tasty dish.

Kipper & Garlic Mashed Potatoes: Who doesn’t like hot, steaming mashed potatoes with their holiday dinner?  This year, make the best mashed potatoes you’ve ever served.  Made with kipper snacks, fresh peeled potatoes, butter and chives, these creamy mashed potatoes will be a dinner hit.

Oyster Stuffing: Sprinkled with hints of parsley, celery, and onion, this delicious oyster stuffing will be a real treat for family and friends.  Serve inside a turkey or as an appetizer.

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