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Healthy Weight Commitment: It Starts With You

January 4, 2012

Today in America, the national epidemic that millions of people are facing is obesity.  And one of the largest age groups succumbing to this epidemic is children.  It’s no wonder that combating obesity is a leading concern for healthcare groups, schools, foundations, and others across the nation.

The HWCF, or Healthy Weight Commitment Foundation, is making some major steps to counteract today’s national epidemic.  They’re going large-scale, too.  First launched in 2009, HWCF has been sending out a nation-wide initiative to reduce obesity, with a focus on childhood obesity, by 2015.  The Foundation is made up of 160 members and is a CEO-led effort.  Each of these members provide the needed funding and support to bring life to the goals of the Healthy Weight Commitment.

The commitment itself in the HWCF  centers around programs and activities that are designed to help normal people just like you achieve and keep a normal, healthy weight by balancing calorie intake and output (also known as energy balance).  During the past few years, the HWCF has undertaken all kinds of efforts to upkeep their goals that include transforming entire products, labels, packaging, advertising and even marketing.  And that’s not all.  They’re promoting healthy lifestyle habits and are encouraging and supporting efforts made by others in the healthy weight commitment.

One of the latest efforts of HWCF included the “Together Counts” program that encourages families to eat a family meal together and stay active together.  It shares the same objective that the First Lady, Michelle Obama, has created in her Let’s Move! campaign, in which an award and challenge is held out to encourage families to commit to physical activity 5 days a week.

Eating a healthy, balanced diet and increasing physical activity are two key points of the HWCF goals.   The Foundation has definitely already begun to impact lives, starting with the pledge the HWCF members made in 2010 to reduce annual calories in the marketplace by an astounding 1.5 trillion by 2015.  Both schools and businesses have been impacted by the efforts of the HWCF.  The HWCF is currently seeking partners to collaborate in the promotion of helping people achieve a healthy weight, whether that’s through initiatives or policies.

The Healthy Weight Commitment starts with you.  Reducing calorie intake and increasing physical activity is something each one of us must take responsibility for.  Get started today.  Discover more at the HWCF online resource, visit

Crown Prince Involvement

Inspired by the HWCF, we started hosting a “Lunch & Learn” where employees gather together to enjoy a healthy lunch, while getting an education on wellness and improved quality of life. We also formed a “Walk-a-Mile” club to encourage each other to get moving! Whether taking a short walk outside during break time, or hitting the gym after work, every mile counts. We plan to incorporate other events and programs in 2012 to promote a healthy lifestyle, and we will keep you updated on our progress!

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