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Green Team Tip: Used Towels are For the Dogs!

March 9, 2012

This week’s post is dedicated to the middle child of the “3 R’s” – “Reuse.”

It seems that new fluffy towels become used, worn towels in the blink of an eye. What do you do with the towels, sheets, and other linens that aren’t new enough to feel nice in your home, but are perfectly intact?

Most of us fold them up, stack them, and shove them into a closet, where they either stay hidden in the darkest corners or are eventually downgraded to life in the garage or basement. There, they will stay indefinitely until you finally use them for a project that warrants their disposal.

Not a very rewarding lifecycle, nor a great use of space.

Here is where our friend “Reuse” comes in. Old towels and blankets needn’t be a burden: you can give them a second chance when you donate them to a local animal shelter or animal hospital.

 Cubby, a resuce cat from Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue, snoozes on a soft, red blanket

This is Cubby from Rocky Mountain Feline Rescue

These facilities can go through thousands of towels and blankets each month for bedding, baths, and other maintenance of furry friends. Many have low budgets, so donations like this can really make an impact – not to mention the impact of keeping a sick or lonely animal warm, dry, and comfortable.

Ask your local veterinarian, pet shelter, or animal emergency center whether they are accepting donations of these items. To find a shelter near you, search your local business listings, or use Petfinder’s Animal Shelter search tool.

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