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Kipper Snacks Bring Nova Scotia’s Freshness to Your Kitchen

April 27, 2012

If the Bay of Fundy webcam we shared in our last Global Spotlight post didn’t bring the waters of Nova Scotia to life for you, then we recommend taking the next (admittedly biased) step: Crown Prince Kipper Snacks – “kipper” being a generations-old term for herring.   

Herring are low in the fish food chain, which means they feed on plankton, rather than other fish. This makes them quite nutrient rich, and the Bay of Fundy, with its massive tide, is constantly refreshed with fresh plankton from the sea. It’s a great feeding ground for fish, which are in turn, a great healthy food for us.


Preparation: Simple and Pure

To maintain freshness, our herring are caught and canned less than 50 miles apart, on the same coast. We prepare them the old fashioned way: simple and pure.

The herring are naturally smoked over local hardwoods: maple and oak. The wood is ground onsite to make woodchips, and as the fish pass through the smokehouse, they are both cooked and slightly flavored by the rich wood smoke.

Out of the smokehouse, they are fully cooked and ready for canning. These Kipper Snacks are hand-packed and every piece is handled and inspected as it goes into the can. Then the cans are sealed, labeled, and shipped out to our warehouses.


Next Stop: Your Kitchen

Our Kipper Snacks are available in grocery stores and natural food markets nationwide. Don’t forget to try our new Kipper Snacks with Cracked Black Pepper! And as the name implies, they’re delightful to snack on straight out of the can. New recipes will be coming your way soon. Visit our website for some tried-and-true favorites.

Bon appétit!

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