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New & Improved Easy-Open Sardine Pouches In Stores Now!

August 17, 2012

For fans of our pouch-packed sardines, which were unveiled last fall, a great snack just got even better. These tasty, nutrient-rich morsels are now packaged in new-and-improved easy-open pouches.

Innovative Seafood Packaging

“The packaging is designed to be light in weight and minimal in material,” said Dustan Hoffman, President. “We wanted to create something that was convenient, efficient, and of the highest quality.”

We recently implemented an even more stringent packing process to ensure that the products inside would be more uniform, with firmer fish and fewer scales. Our revised packing perfects the retorting process (to make sure the fish are not over-cooked in the pouch), and the outer portion of the packing results in less direct handling of packages on their journey to grocery shelves nationwide.

National Availability, 4 Great Flavors

Crown Prince Pouch-Packed Sardines come in four delectable flavors:

  • Lightly Smoked – in Soy Bean Oil
  • No Salt Added – in Spring Water
  • Spicy – in Louisiana Hot Sauce
  • Traditional – in Mustard

They are available nationwide at Wal-Mart stores, and regionally in Kroger – Dallas, Dillons – Kansas City, King Soopers – Denver, City Markets – Colorado, Stop & Shop – New England and New York Metro, Giant – Mid Atlantic Region, and Martin’s – Mid Atlantic Region.


Sardines and Health

Our sardines are packed with heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, with each pouch providing 0.93 grams per serving. Each serving also offers 16 grams or more of protein, with a modest 10 grams or fewer of fat.

Between those nutritional benefits and the variety of flavors, it’s easy to incorporate Crown Prince Pouch-Packed Sardines into a meal, mid-day snack, or sustenance out on the hiking trail.

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