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Crown Prince Global Spotlight Series Draws to a Close

November 30, 2012


We believe that knowing your food means not only reading the label, but having access to the story behind that food: where it’s from, how it was obtained, and how it was prepared before it ever reached the grocery store shelf.

 That’s why just over two years ago, we began our blog series entitled the Crown Prince Global Spotlight Series. For 24 months we [virtually] traveled the globe, exploring the story behind many of the Crown Prince products you see on your grocery store shelves each week.

2012-11-30 Thailand 5












From the chilly waters of Alaska to the warmth of the South Korean coast and from the rich spices of Morocco (our first stop) to the stunning scenery of Thailand (our last stop), the series has been a pleasure for us each step of the way.

We hope you’ve enjoyed reading and learned a thing or two, whether some world history and culture, insight into seafood harvest and preparation, or recipes you plan to use in your own home.

Thank you for joining us in the Global Spotlight Series, and please keep reading. This particular journey may be complete, but we have many stories yet to share.

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