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Seafood and the Paleo Diet

January 3, 2013

Short for “Paleolithic,” a period some 10,000 years ago before agriculture was developed, the Paleo diet is based on the idea that we should eat what our bodies have evolved to process best. Pre-agriculture, humans existed on what they could catch and forage, not what they could grow, and the addition of agriculture changed the common diet very quickly and dramatically. Therefore, the Paleo diet is high in seafood and grass-fed meats, fruits and vegetables, and nuts and berries. It excludes things like grain, dairy, anything refined or processed (white sugar, salt, processed oils, etc.)

Paleo Diet Food Pyramid

Our Seafood

Crown Prince provides many canned seafood options that fit well with the Paleo diet. If you visit our website and select “Product Lines” in the upper left, you can browse through every product variation for each type of fish or seafood. Those that work best with the Paleo diet are packed in pure water and do not have any salt added. A few of our most popular examples include:

Before you Begin

Even if you don’t go “all the way” with the Paleo diet, incorporating some of its elements into your overall, balanced nutritional plan offers numerous benefits. Emphasizing fruits and vegetables is a great way to get a variety of vitamins and nutrients. Seafood often comes with heart-healthy omega-3. And cutting back on processed foods and ingredients (such as white sugar) leaves more room for healthier items. Certainly though, any dietary change should be discussed with your doctor before you embark.

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