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Seafood For All: Dietary Restrictions Welcome

July 29, 2011

 There’s no letdown like almost digging into a delicious dish at a family party, then finding out its ingredients are on your “do not eat” list. From gluten (a must-not for many) to sodium (a should-not for many more), dietary restrictions are now fairly common. The more we learn about the human body, and the more health-conscious we become as society, the more awareness there is about how our food affects our health.

Seafood for Health

That’s good news for people with dietary restrictions, because it means that food labeling is far more helpful today than in years past. Crown Prince Seafood is proud to be transparent about the ingredients we use to pack and prepare our products. So if you’re interested in seafood for the protein and omega-3’s, you can also enjoy fat free, low sodium, gluten free, and kosher options as well.

Information on Specific Dietary Restrictions

If you have any of the following dietary restrictions, we have carefully listed out the products we offer that meet your needs. Please read all labels just to be safe, as recipes (especially for flavored sauces) do change every now and again.

Can’t find the information you’re looking for above? Just ask us.

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