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Balancing Your Diet – One Plate at a Time

August 12, 2011

Americans, say goodbye to the pyramid and hello to the plate! The USDA’s infamous “Food Pyramid”, less time-tested than the Egyptian monuments the shape is better known for, has been officially replaced by My Plate. Really, what could be more appropriate for representing the food we eat?

This new nutritional teaching tool focuses less on the number of servings eaten within each food group and more on proportion between the groups.

USDA My Plate - New Food Pyramid

The image quickly says it all. Make sure half of your meal is produce – fruits and vegetables. Use dairy to augment your primary categories – not as a staple or main ingredient.

Eating Better Protein

Protein doesn’t need to be the focus of a meal to be a star. The USDA recommends  protein sources that are low in fat, low in added salt, and generous in healthy omega-3 fatty acids. These tend to deliver excellent flavor for the calories.

For canned seafood, the USDA recommends:

  • anchovies
  • clams
  • tuna
  • sardines

It’s not news to us (or many of our customers throughout the years) that seafood is a great addition to a healthy meal. But it’s great to see the USDA outline healthy eating in such a simple, easy-to-reference guide.

To your health!

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