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Happy Father’s Day from Crown Prince

June 15, 2012

Did you know that Father’s Day wasn’t an official U.S. Holiday until the early 1970s, almost 60 years after Mother’s Day was proclaimed a national holiday by President Woodrow Wilson?

According to’s History of Father’s Day, many men were resistant to the idea of being celebrated with a “sentimental” holiday, but during World War II, it gained popularity as “a way to honor troops and support the war effort.” State-wide Father’s Day celebrations began to spread, and in 1972 Richard Nixon finally proclaimed it a federal holiday.

Often on holidays, we hand-pick some seafood recipes fitting the occasion. But this time, we just encourage those of you spending the holiday with the father figure in your life to prepare whatever will make Dad happy. And for those whose fathers are not with them, his favorite meal, enjoyed in his honor can be just as meaningful.

Crown Prince Seafood would like to wish all of our customers and colleagues a Happy Fathers Day.

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