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Summer Product Announcement: Anchovies with Garlic and Parsley

June 22, 2012

Just as picnic season heats up, we are announcing another brand new product and another twist on a pantry staple: Crown Prince Natural Fillets of Anchovies with Garlic and Parsley.


Available nationwide this month, these anchovies are sustainably harvested and wild-caught from the waters off the coast of Morocco. The anchovies are packed with pure olive oil in re-sealable, BPA-free glass jars.

What makes these quality anchovy fillets special is the addition of fresh parsley and garlic. The herbal parsley and aromatic garlic lend a sophisticated, fresh twist to these classic firm-textured fish.

We find the new Garlic and Parsley Anchovies create a delicious complex base for dressings, sauces and pizza. Here are a few new recipes we’ve perfected to highlight this new product:


Anchovy, Olive and Herb Crusted Rack of Lamb         Yellowfin Tuna and Olive Linguine

Even with a classic kitchen favorite, there are new ways to appreciate the simplicity of fine ingredients. We hope you enjoy our new anchovies and recipes as much as we have. Bon appétit!


Spicy Pasta with Fennel & Anchovies                                           Mixed Olive Tapenade



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