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Building a Sustainable Seafood Company

July 6, 2012

Our work toward a fully-sustainable company and planet include not just our products, but our office environment as well. Crown Prince participates in the TerraCycle program, which strives to completely eliminate waste by repurposing items that would otherwise be tossed into landfills.


We participate in several different “brigades,” meaning we save several types of items from our home and office use and send them to TerraCycle for repurposing. Not only are we diverting them from landfills, but TerraCycle compensates us by donating to a charity of our choice for every batch of items we send in.

Given our natural concern for safe and clean water, we’ve chosen for our donations to provide families in impoverished nations with clean drinking water.

Crown Prince’s current 2012 TerraCycle efforts have allowed us to:

  • Provide 11 people with clean drinking water for a year ( = 1,650 items recycled)
  • Provide 173 people with clean drinking water for a week ( = 519 items recycled)

And we’re only halfway through the year! To learn how your family or employer can help with TerraCycle’s efforts to outsmart waste, visit

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