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Crown Prince Seafood Announces Confirmation of Sustainable Tuna Sourcing

July 13, 2012

We reconfirmed our commitment to more responsible fishing practices for all of the tuna we source for our Crown Prince Natural line of products.  Mahachai Marine International (MMP) – our exclusive tuna supplier – is now an International Seafood Sustainability Foundation (ISSF) Participating Company.  MMP is the latest tuna processor to join a global coalition of industry, leading scientists and WWF, the world’s leading conservation organization.  The organization’s mission is to improve tuna sustainability efforts around the world through science-based improvements, direct industry action, and aggressive advocacy.


Sustainably harvested tuna a long term goal for Crown Prince

We carry three types of tuna packed under the Crown Prince Natural label: Yellowfin, Albacore, and Tongol.  These products are packed in Thailand by seafood packer MMP. 

MMP’s participation in ISSF underscores a commitment to supporting fishing vessels that are taking improved steps in order to reduce by-catch, increase transparency through observer coverage, maintain product traceability from point of capture, eliminate illegal fishing and improve access to critical data available to scientists and fishery managers.

For further information on ISSF and its programs visit

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  1. Kacey Skretowicz permalink
    July 24, 2012 11:56 am

    I love to eat seafoods because they are very tasty. Seafoods are also very rich in iodine and other salt minerals that you can only get on the sea. `”*;*

    Warmest regards“>

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