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Global Spotlight Series: Chile Edition

November 4, 2011

Next up, our Global Spotlight Series travels to Chile, the homeland of Crown Prince Chopped and Minced Clams.

Chile’s unique shape—a 2,600-mile ribbon along South America’s western coast—creates an interesting geography.

The north is a desert land that relies heavily on copper mining. The middle is rich in agriculture and contains most of the larger cities. The south is a mix of ocean inlets and deep forests. The Andes Mountains are on Chile’s eastern border.

Culturally, Chile’s heritage is a blend of Spanish and indigenous influences. As the climate is very similar to that of the Mediterranean, the culinary traditions there are not unlike those found in Greece, Italy, Morocco, and other Mediterranean nations.

Chile is a rich and vibrant land with a strong musical and culinary heritage. Seafood is one of its most popular exports.

We look forward to sharing with you the journey of our clams, which we are proud to get from our long-time partners in Chile!

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